A Brief Excerpt from the Work Journal of George Tinder:

by suededenimfiresale

Fall 2011

“I want to create something like OK Cupid, only shittier, and by that I mean this: What if there was a phone app that made dating in in the 21st Century an even more horribly awkward experience than it already is? How can we make people even more cynical and jaded and depressed than they are already? How can I create yet another way for men to send pictures of their penises to total strangers? I know I’m just spitballing ideas here, but what if this was an app where women could post pictures of themselves binge-drunk while wearing green Blackhawks jerseys, an app where they can quote their favorite excerpt of “Eat, Pray, Love?” The kind of app where hope goes to die? A place where people looking for long-term relationships can meet people looking to, as the kids say, ‘hook up’? God, I love crystal meth. It’s how I get all my great ideas.”