27. Here’s Denis Leary for Monsanto

by suededenimfiresale

Look pal: We got a world to feed, and the last thing we need is some hippie-dippie pencil-pushing no-can-do seeds. Who are ya gonna listen to: Farmer Brown puttering about on his Oshkosh-b’-goshd ass all day, or a benevolent motherscratchin’ biotechin’ multinational gigantor of future abundance?! Yeah-yeah, God is great and he accomplished a lot in seven days, yadda yadda yadda, but you really think those Old Testament seeds are gonna feed a growing planet? Guess again, Methusaelah! I think you turkeys hear the winds of change blowing in, and those winds are carrying seeds with balls! These seeds are full of torque, and torque is what you use when you smoke angel dust! Smoking! Yeah! That’s what I do, and these seeds are gonna leave God crying in his Zima. My attitude is my brand! You got a problem with that, high level yoga instructor?