Story #15–“A Love Supreme” Ranch Dressing

by suededenimfiresale

“It started with a simple vision: Create an all-natural salad dressing. Mix simple ingredients into a zesty blend of complex flavor. Collaborate with the salad’s spiritual core, thus heightening, and never overwhelming, its savory inherent essence. Let each mastication be an unceasingly restless search for the attainment of perfection. A humble offering to humanity, and the Spirit that lives in all beings. And so, after an intense period of spiritual awakening and introspective retreat into richer understandings of the harmonious interdependence that is the potential birthright of each and every one of us, we reemerge and consider it our privilege to present to you…“A Love Supreme” Ranch Dressing. Named in honor of one of the greatest jazz records of all time, we present a salad dressing that aspires, like the best of John Coltrane’s timeless music, to continually evolve, grow, and reach to the edge of the cosmos, while still rooted in earthly tradition. Whether dining alone after a long day’s toil, or feasting with beloved friends and family in the name of merriment, may you experience endless “tasty licks” as you bask in the prismatic ecstasy that surrounds us all. Take It Easy, or, as they used to say in Latin: Sumam Eam Facilis.”