Story #3: From My “Rejected Query” File

by suededenimfiresale

Dear [Literary Agent]:

The year is the future, and TJ “Buzz” Buzzinski, just two months shy of graduating from the Space Academy, has only one thing on his mind: beer, pizza, and women….but not necessarily in that order!

Buzz is the leader of a ragtag assemblage of loveable fun-loving hedonistic misfits called “The Space Cases,” seniors at the Academy ready at a moment’s notice to “party down,” but a hilariously bungled panty raid sends the fellas straight to Dean Vleevorx, a no-nonsense Saturnalian who tells them that the only way they can possibly graduate is if they win the annual Space Academy Outer Space Scavenger Hunt in Outer Space.

But the competition is fierce, and in the case of the curvaceous blonde team, you could say that the competition is “stiff!” Computer-savvy Asians, aggressive plus-sized ladies hungry for cupcakes, and a Dean Martinbot 5000 pairing up with a Sammy Davis Juniorbot 2600 and a Dom DeLuisebot 2k hilariously trying to pass themselves off as French pastry chefs who have had a little too much to drink, are part of the wacky ensemble of unforgettable characters, hurtling from one corner of the galaxy to the next in search of prizes, glory…and laffs.

Please find the first 300 pages of my manuscript, as well as the glitter and homemade cookies (thanks Mom!) I’ve provided for you.

I thank you for your consideration.